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Bagpipes lessons 
Next session : Spring 2024

Informations et registration

The Quebec City Garrison, known as Olde Fort St. Andrew's, is one of the 13 different garrisons of 78th Fraser Highlanders in North America. The 78th Fraser Highlanders Regiment is a non-profit organization whose goal is to foster pride in our country's history, to promote the Scottish history and culture, and to pass on these traditions to younger generations.


Our Pipe Band participates in all important historical and cultural events in Quebec City. This group is an important part of our Garrison but it is not the only one. We now have about forty members: Miladies, Officers, Volunteer Sergeants and Privates. Various events are organized throughout the year including a Robbie Burns Supper, a St. Andrew's Day Ceilidh (may include Whisky Tasting), as well as various other historical and social events.


The Olde Fort St. Andrew's Garrison is open to all. If Scottish history and traditions interest you, then join the Regiment !

Contact us for more information.

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