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Farwell to Camraw

Do not try to locate “Camraw” on a map… it doesn’t exist. The name of the tune, which was composed in the 90’s by Pipe Major Robert Mathieson, is a bit of fun, stemming from when he switched the Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band chanters from Warmac (at that time generally considered to be most suitable for low grade pipers) to Shepherd (“Camraw” is a reversal from “Warmac”). This is the origin of Mathieson’s famous tune: 'Farewell to Camraw', that the Shotts played in their 1993 and 1994 medleys, coinciding with their spectacular return to the top of the Worldsv (next...).

Flower of Scotland

Flower of Scotland is a Scottish song, used frequently at special occasions and sporting events. Although there is no official national anthem of Scotland, Flower of Scotland is one of a number of songs which fulfil this role, along with the older Scots Wha Hae, and Scotland the Brave, amongst others (next...).

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