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Jimmy Findlater

Jimmy Findlater was the President of 'The Blue Bonnets, City of London Pipe Band' founded by Pipe Major Gordon Speirs circa 1970's. Jimmy was a larger than life jovial character who was the perfect figurehead for our band.

Gordon was very fond and Jimmy, and composed this piece in his honour. 


Gordon used to point out that Jimmy would get out of step and have to do the little 'skip-step' to get back in step with the band. He wrote the little 'skip steps' into the tune. He was very adament with our band that we play the dots and cuts correctly because that was Jimmy getting back into step and he said that was what the tune was all about. A band in Colorado played the tune in competition and played it pretty round. Gordon stomped over to them and let them know that was not the way he intended to the tune to be played. I am sure you can imagine that scene (next...)!

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