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The Barren Rock of Aden

Scottish 2/4 pipe march. The Barren Rocks of Aden was being published in fiddle collections by the 1870s, but has been around longer in the bagpipe repertoire. Aden, near the entrance to the Red Sea, was noted for its barren and desolate volcanic rocks, and was annexed to British India in 1839. In 1967, after violence between nationalists and British forces, it became what is now the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen.

Black Bear

La mélodie « The Black Bear » serait originaire d’Amérique, comme l’animal du même nom (l’ours noir). Probablement, une musique de marins colportée à travers le monde et qui aurait initialement servi à faire danser les ours domestiqués, un spectacle dont on était friand les siècles passés (suite...).


This traditional hornpipe is played widely through the highlands of Scotland. You may have heard it in the famous 1962 film The Longest Day, which recounts the World War II D-Day invasion. The pipers play this tune exclusively throughout the second half of the movie.

Bonnie Dundee

John Graham de Claverhouse, vicomte de Dundee, fut contradictoirement jugé par ses adversaires et ses partisans – monstre de cruauté pour les premiers qui le surnomèrent « le sanglant » - soldat humain et juste pour les seconds.

Il combattit en France pour le compte de Louis XIV puis rallia William d’Orange en Hollande à qui il sauva la vie lors d’une bataille (suite...)


Bonnie Dundee is a poem and a song about John Graham, 7th Laird of Claverhouse, 1st Viscount Dundee who was known by this nickname. The song has been used as a regimental march by several Scottish regiments in the British Army and was adapted by Confederate troops in the American Civil War (next...).


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